INKARTNATION is the online sale site of limited edition works by the artist Yassine MEKHNACHE.

Yassine MEKHNACHE has been making paintings that depict the human soul for 20 years. Its faces became the temple of our emotions and over the years, abstraction has surpassed figuration. He integrates in his composition whole sections of Moroccan or Indian embroidery. The representation of our inner journeys is carried by a spirit of conquest. This conquest is geographical and temporal through the meeting of our ancestor’s know-how and the dazzling modernity of the painter who, by his intervention breaks the codes and our glance.

Thanks to INKARTNATION, Yassine MEKHNACHE will offer to a wider public format that he has been continuously producing in his workshop for many years and which he is keen to share today such as drawings or other multiples. He will also explore other mythical formats such as lithography.

INKARTNATION’s ambition is to become for him a space to share and exchange artistic creations through the work of artists and poets around him.

You can discover the universe of Yassine MEKHNACHE and his news on

INKARTNATION is the extension of his universe, Yassine MEKHNACHE floods the world with his inks and leaves his embroidered imprint.